Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bugera Tube Head Guitar Amplifier sponsored by Ultimate Music

2008 3 channel reverb tube 4 6l6 4 12ax7's efects loop line out with level 4 button footswitch (clean, crunch, lead, fx loop/boost) interesting that there is a no footswitchable reverb. 120 TUBE watts, clean stays clean no matter how loud you go. Crunch is in the marshall jcm area very usable love the way the tubes break up on this channel very 80's at high gain settings.Lead is way over the top i st the gain around 5.5, 6 and get sustain for days. Good thing is the active eq on the distorted channels makes the amp very versitile ,play lamb of god to Cream between the crunch and the lead, no mesa but also better than any randall, marshall SOLID STATE or peice of crap 6 (line 6) .Bugera is relatively new to the scene and they came strong.

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