Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Symphony Commitee Members

The official commitee members for "A Green Symphony' Concert presented MCA Youth Selangor.We are glad to have a very united and commited commitee comprimising musician , graphic designer , divers , politician , businessman , lawyer , photographer , artist manager and many more.We having our weekly commitee meeting at MCA SS3 Petaling Jaya , where we discussing the latest development in this project.Everybody seems to be very excited towards this project and they look so serious in completing their task.We all amazed by their commiments and passion about this project.For all music lovers out there , you are welcome to join us and become our commitee from time to time.for enquiry you can email us or leave a message in the C-Box.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Green Symphony Poster

WoW! Check this out, a very simple and nice poster created by our commitee Wong Chee Shing , Adora Chloe George and Tay Ei Chi.In this recent week, all commitee members having difficulties choosing the design of the banners and posters designed by this three freelance designers.Eventually all is so creative and colourful,very hard to choose.We all amazed by their works.
In this project, we can see some many talented and skillful youngster in Malaysia where is still hidden.We at MCA Youth Selangor will always play an important role to bring out all this talented guys under one roof and groom them to become the future leader in the society.Keep up the good works!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eizaz Azhar performing during the World Stars Road to Hollywood Reality TV Show

Multi-instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar will be performing for the Green Symphony Concert this upcoming June with the Orkestra Simfoni Remaja and his band, JUNK. Eizaz managed to reach the semi-finals of the Road To Hollywood competition and will be playing a selection of fusion and classical songs during the concert to create awareness for the environment.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Concert Objectives and Programme

The objective of the Green Symphony concert is simple;

- To create awareness on how our lifestyle is affecting the planet
- To showcase young local talents
- To create an exciting event for the youth of today to enjoy

The concert will be held in SEGi College Kota Damansara from 6:30PM onwards. There will be a variety of different shows ranging from hip-hop dances to local bands and of course the stars of the show, the National Youth Orchestra and its members.

Awareness of the planet and our current living conditions have been spoken of ever since the early 80s, but in recent years this matter has escalated to different level altogether. The facts are simple; 1) there are not enough resources on this planet to sustain continued human growth and increasing quality of life, and 2) If we want to avoid catastrophic war, suffering, and global shortages of energy, we need to start looking to space seriously for solutions.

Global warming is a real threat whatever its causes are. Most say it’s too much CO2 in the air and some say it’s the sun but all in all it's a combination of different factors. Perhaps there are certain things that we can’t control but there are those that we can. One thing we can do is to help spread awareness about global warming. There are many ways to do so and we can start with our own homes. I remember my wife telling our maid not to burn rubber. I keep on telling my kids to recycle what can be recycled. I myself wasn’t spared from being lectured as I remember a good friend calling my attention when I threw a paper airplane and just left it on the ground.

Another good way of spreading awareness is to make use of current events that are either directly or indirectly linked to global warming. One such issue is the current global rice shortage. I personally use it to tell my kids how global warming resulted into drought and eventually into a worldwide diaster. If you want to take things a bit further, you can also start your own earth awareness blog and post your thoughts and ideas there. Blogging is an effective tool in spreading the word worldwide and so we must all use it. Joining online communities is another.

By know, I’m sure you already know that there are many ways to spread global warming awareness. Sometimes it just needs a little imagination and some effort, be it talking to the kids, changing your lifestyle habits or spreading the mesage via a concert.

The Green Symphony project is just that - to create awareness and a better future for our children.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Solo Performers

Clockwise From Left
Conductor: Mdm Mayya Musaeva
Saxophone & Clarinet: Eizaz Azhar
Double Bass: Dahlia Diyana
Violin: Liu-Yi Retallick
Violin: Wong Lu Ee
Trombone: Mustaqim Abdullah

Orchestra Members List

1st Violin
Liu-Yi Retallick(Soloist)(Wong Lu Ee-Concert Master), Phuah Xin Li, Nur Izwani Ismail, Ahmad Munir Mahzair, Nasirah Nur Ibrahim, Azam Fadley Alias, Melody Kan Xuan Yun, Jessica Lim, Corliss Lee Ching Yi

2nd Violin
Dania Munira Che Salman (Principal), Lam Xin Ning, Lina Mustafa Fuzer, Khairul Aziem, Wong Sue Zann, Siti Nur Dalila Zulkifly, Kumuthamalar a/p Sangaran, Tan Wan Qien, Joel Wong U-Joe, Nor Liyana Abd Halim, Joyce Lee, Ayesha Hassan, Wong In Nuen

Danial Arif Bahar, Radzi Hashim

Siti Nur Fazlina Zulkifly, Natalie Too Ru Jie, Philene Tan

Double Bass
Dahlia Dayana Ahmad Nazir (Principal), Mohd Azizi Azman, Mohd Fazli Zulkifly

Derrick Yeow Choon Beng (Principal) Nur Izwana Ismail, Muhammad Faliq Auri

Mohamad Khairul Ridzuan Abdullah, Syaiful Rijal Anas Shaid

Eizaz Azhar (Principal), Huzir Shamsul Bahrin, Nadia Siska

Alang Fong Tuen Vern

French Horn
Chong Chiew Han, Illi Diyana Mohd Isa

Umar Aziz, Rozainie Hashim, Sharir Sharis Ismail

Mustaqim Abdullah, Tay Kai Yee, Tan Wei Kien

Sarah Ong Ee Ling

Kee Poh Choo, Muhammad Farhan Mohd Safiruddin, Mohd Syafieq Zulkarnai

Event Management Committee

The Organizing Committee will be as follows, along with contact number and
e-mail address :

Dr. Kow Cheong Wei -H: 0122972198 E: cheongwei66 at
G.T. Tan - H: 0122106522 E: tangimtuan_gt at
Ray Lee Voon Leong - H: 0192212595 E: rayrocker at
Mr.Kuah - H: 0126250715 E: lianshing at
Ms. Mandy - H: 0122818843 E: mandykaw at
Mr.Jason Kok - H: 0193300399 E: hckok at
Mr.Tan - H: 0128330809 E: rijiago at
Aaron Log Soon Yik - H: 0123690686 E: alsy_84 at
Wong Chee Shing - H: 0126919573 E: col_conception at
Raven Tay - H: 0122076012 E: raventay at
Danny Cho - H: 0122871003 E: dannycho33 at
Goh Chee Sheng - H: 0166264134 E: cs_goh at
Bryan Lai - H: 0122775512 E: yitsun at
Nicholas Gan - H: 0123208338 E: n3kie at
Victor Yap - H: 0122995945 E: braderkau at
Paul Tan - H: 0123268877 E: pautsp at
Perry Tan - H: 0137338383 E: tanyushang at
Michael Choong - H: 017-3545150 E: kahwei at